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Briliant bait you can mould it how you want it I got bites straight away the fish love it very pleased will definitely order again

Good catch

All the baits I have had from Fjuka has been of a very high standard. All well packed & a good delivery time, always arrive on time if not before time.

Fjuka pellets

I came across fjuka pellets online and have used them a few times now and the results are unbelievable catching more fish also larger fish highly recommended this product.

Something new

It's good to try something new I haven't had time to try them yet due to covid and the weather, but I carn't see why they shouldn't work they can be use in lots of different options so carn't wait to try them. Seen lots of videos on YouTube and all them they work well.

2 in 1 pellets

Very good my lad had 6 carp in a day that no one else on lake caught

An entertaining read for a match angler

If you are, or have been a match angler of any standard this is a really good read. Not a book as such but a collection of short stories, so you can pick it up read a couple of them and put it down without loosing the story line.

Arrived in great condition with minimal packageing hopefully will get out 🎣 soon to use it.

let me go fishing

I have not used the pellets yet..the weather is far to cold for me and the Covid restrictions do not allow un essential travel.. ..I really do look forward to trying the pellets.

great product

have yoused this product to go fun catching winter carp will yous again thanks

Fjuka, red yellow and white.

As luck would have it I used this just yesterday. I caught an 11 pound carp on the white and a 7 pounder on the yellow ones. Not bad really considering it was only 3- 4 degrees. And only there for 2 and a half hours ... cheers

Brilliant pellets

Carp absolutely love them caching f1s and carp to eighteen pounds Great bait

Not used yet due to having no where open local due to covid 😪

First time using Fjuka.

Due to the lockdown I've only had the opportunity to try it once. First impressions were good on the feeder. Caught more than I expected and more than anyone around me. Will be going out over the next few days to try it on the pole.

Customer service

Service and delivery were second to none can't wait to try it. Great value for money

Great Service

Haven't had a chance to use them yet due to lock down, but if their as good as the service received, gotta to be on a winner

Weekender pack

Great product brilliant vibrant colours and a swift service, can't wait to try them out

Great bait

Great value for money love how you can change the shape of the bait to change fishing ideas

Pellet 5mm rouge

Je les malaxé pour imité un vers de terreaux a peine posé quelques secondes et Madame carpe a prit le pellet fjuka . L'eau étais a 5 degré . Prochaine pêche je vais essayer d'autre model