Fjuka 2in1 Bait -  3-Bag Pack. WHITE. The Soft Feed Pellet That’s Also a Hookbait.


Fjuka 2in1 Bait - 3-Bag Pack. WHITE. The Soft Feed Pellet That’s Also a Hookbait.

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  • Super-attractive feed pellets that are also the perfect hookbait
  • Hook directly with total hook-hold – no need for drills or bands
  • Fjuka’s Unique Flexible Formula: forms maggots, bread or corn
  • Pulling power of Sensate™ Micro-nutrients for instant action
  • Over 1,000, 5mm pellets in each 195g bag

The Perfect Instant-action Feed: all Fjuka bait is powered by Sensate™ Micro-nutrient Attractants; giving off 3000X the available flavour and taste of ordinary oil based attractants.

Catches on lakes, rivers and canals: incredibly flexible and simple to use – beginners just hook and go with no soaking or other prep needed, while experienced anglers find it an irreplaceable part of their armoury. 

Excellent Catch Rates: tested by thousands of anglers and proven a match-winning bait, Fjuka 2in1 is irresistible to river fish, silvers and specimens including carp, bream, grayling, barbel, rudd, tench, trout, F1s and crucians. 

Super long-lasting: there are over 1000 pellets in each bag and once opened Fjuka will stay soft for up to 12 months. (Keep pellets in a sealed bag or container - will dry hard if packaging isn't re-sealed).

Only Human food grade ingredients: Fjuka 2in1 is made only from high quality ingredients. There are no plastics, gums, waxes or resins; it's just healthy, nutritious food that fish love (wheat and maize, seed and vegetable extracts, sugars and vegetable protein derivatives).

Value 3-Bag Pack for more options on the bank. Including flattening white pellets to imitate bread, molding yellow pellets into imitation-corn, or forming worms from the red. Buy now and try this revolutionary new bait for yourself .

Hooks, feeds, catches everything!


Customer Reviews

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white +red+yellow+black

great hook bait for polefishing and losefeed on canals roach+perch bread maggot worm.willbuy again.cant wait forwarmer weather.

Fjuka white

I have managed to catch on these pellets fished over liquidised bread

Great bait

I’ve used fjuka soft pellets for. Sometime I find the white ones work really well on the pole while using liquidise bread black one great for roach and yellow n red ideal for bream fishing

First time lucky.

Thought I’d give these ago on a venue that has a good head of fish, it took a little while to get going on the fish but it seemed everyone was having a quiet day so to be catching fish on a new bait was a pleasant surprise and gave me a lot of confidence to use again. Like everything new and a bit of trial and error I’ll be happy to buy this product again. 👍👍


I found these pie lights to be very good and I was very surprised to find that they stayed on when casting my Wagler Also I found very good on the method feeder plus on the hook